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Posted on March 16, 2012

Blogging was not on my list of things to do today. I had it firmly stamped down for Saturday, when I was also going to clean my room and renew my vow to push myself well out of my comfort zone by doing really productive things, like designing and blogging. In fact, what I really want to do right now is sleep, I’ve been running a little short on it all week.

But it turns out time flies, today is March 15 (wtf, where does time go?!), and Chris Shiflett is challenging us to blog more.  And Meagan Fisher made an incredible post about blogging that really hit home. She also pointed out the really alarming fact that we’re almost 25% into 2012.  It’s time for me to get over myself and just write.

It wasn’t until I had graduated college and savored a few months of homework-free, test-free life that I started thinking about blogging. Sure, I had read blogs, and I liked that they existed, but I never felt like I had something to say. Turns out, after four years of what at times felt like brain-breaking hell,  I learned some things. I may have whined about all the reading, thinking, and writing I had to do, but  it’s also a little bit addicting. And just generally a good idea. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s not a good bliss.

It’s easy to skate by without really thinking about things in life. And even if you are consciously thinking more critically, it doesn’t mean as much if you don’t write it down. Writing things down forces you to really examine your own thoughts. For me, blogs are the perfect intersection of school and life.  They’re more fun to create, because you can talk about what you want, and they’re more fun to read because you’re not forced to read things you have no interest in. You get to learn what you want to learn.  It’s a little like school, but more fun (and arguably more dangerous, but I’m just going to stop that train of thought right now).

I’m pretty sure there are about 50 things I could qualify, expand on, or argue against in that last paragraph, but for me, blogging is also about acknowledging and accepting imperfection.  It’s a constant struggle of mine, but sleep deprivation helps. The point is, blogging is awesome. I’m committed to actually blogging more than 2 times this month, and to make it a larger part of my life. If anyone happens to read this, I hope you’ll consider blogging as well (if you aren’t already). We need more in-depth conversations in the world, and blogging is a chance to do that.



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  1. Donna89

    I agree.  As self-indulgent as social media can be in general (and blogs, if blogs don’t fit under that category) I think there is something pretty great about living in an era where we can feel like our voices matter.  Maybe they don’t. Maybe most of us have nothing important or worthwhile to say, but at least we get to try and put our thoughts out there and see what happens.  When such technology is used for self improvement (in the sense that you’re trying to continue exercises of critical thinking etc., not in the sense that there’s something wrong you’re trying to fix) I think that’s one more point to give social media under the “Improving Society” category.  :)


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